Purchasing A New Car with Paintwork

What I mean by “Paintwork” is a vehicle that has been painted by a body shop somewhere on the car’s hood, door, fender, etc. A car should not be overlooked simply because it has had repairs that include painting. Frequently my customers ask “Has the car ever been in an accident?” As they ask this question, it appears that they have a preconceived idea that if it has been in accident, then I will not buy it. Would I buy a car for myself with paintwork or even one that had been seriously smacked around to create frame damage? Yes, as long as the repair was performed properly and the car isn’t driving down the road sideways. Paintwork can be minor, such as a car that had been keyed from a scorned partner in a relationship or a fender bender or major as a result of a smash-um up collision where a compact import meets a one ton dual pick-up truck (when the two vehicles have had a very intimate conversation on the freeway swapping paint and metal). Don’t walk away just because there has been some repair work. My most interesting personal experience was colliding with a bull Elk about the size of a thoroughbred racehorse one night in Colorado. I was driving a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee about 70 miles per hour when the two of us met eye to eye. After the impact most of the front end of the Jeep was sitting right in the passenger front seat and the elk was pretty toasted and twisted up in the motor. I walked away with a concussion, (took about a week to feel better). The point is that after some extensive repair, that Jeep it is now driving down the road just fine. So just because you learn that your next potential vehicle has been in an accident because there has been paintwork, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the vehicle was run over by an 18 wheeler and now has major problems. I would definitely have it inspected, run a history report on it if you like and see it through. You will likely get a good deal on a vehicle that you will be happy with for a long time.


Barbara Terry

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