2005 Scion TC – Review by Barbara Terry

Barbara TerryThe first time I spotted the Scion TC across the parking lot on the morning my crew and I were scheduled to tape a segment on this cute little beauty I was skeptical and wondered if its manufacturer, the Scion Division, would be as successful as their affiliate, Toyota. I have driven everything from an unidentifiable piece of junk to the highest-powered machines made by man. If the Mercedes Kompressor and the older model Volkswagon Scirroco got together to produce a cool looking baby….the Scion TC is it!. When my hand hit the gearshift and my foot hit the gas I was more than impressed. This cosmetically appealing 2.4 liter 4 cylinder comes loaded with standard equipment that many manufactures would call options and charge extra.

Barbara Terry is a female car expert. 2005 Scion TC (Interior)To list a few…dual airbags, power windows and door locks, power outside mirrors, outside temperature gauge, cruise control, alloy wheels, Pioneer AM/FM/CD unit and satellite compatible, anti-lock brakes, a first-aid kit and my favorite a Panorama Moon roof with a power slide…wow!!! Do I have any complaints? Only those associated with every compact car out there on the market. I am curious to see how this new model will endure after its first year on the market (e.g, interior components etc.). Many manufactures have had nightmares on their hands with their new model’s first year release. I will more than likely do a follow up to this article after this cutie has been rolling down the streets with input from the multitude of consumers that will be attracted to the Scion TC. If you are looking for a sporty look with loaded standard equipment (including the option of 5 speed or automatic transmission) this car has tremendous value power. Priced at less than 18,000 dollars, you are getting a lot of bang for your buck. Scion has a progressive marketing program and a unique way to let you custom design your own model to your liking. If you haven’t taken a gander at their products I highly encourage you to do so.


Barbara Terry

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