The Similarity between Humans and Cars – Barbara Terry

barbaraterryAs I was going for my daily run yesterday, I came to the conclusion that we as humans are very similar to the cars we drive and covet.  Humans come in different years, makes, models and color.   Humans also vary between simple, eccentric, expensive and some of us have that flair for the wild side and others are more on the conservative side.  So if a car is considered a classic after being 25 years old, should a human be considered the same after 25 years of age?  Okay now lets talk about the cars that we gander at.  We have economy, sporty, luxury, high-line, exotic…and yes some cars have a history of getting banged up a little, in which that would and should be considered “baggage”… just like the human race.  By the time we are in our 30’s, we typically have accumulated some kind of “baggage”.

If you shed (or in car lingo, “buff off the paint”) the different colors of skin off of us humans, we all have the same mechanism and components, just like the automobiles. If you remove the exterior whether it is metal, thin tin, or fiberglass, all autos have very similar mechanisms and components to get it down the road.  We also learn through life from our mistakes, like the personal relationships we experience after the first time we fall in love.  We also learn in life from the mistakes that we make from those terrible decisions when we purchase our dream car and shortly after that, hate it for many reasons.

For example, we lose respect for it after it breaks down on us, the fact that it seems to bankrupt us for its expenses, and what about the fact that we love our cars a lot more than the love they show us…sounds like the way I felt after my first long term relationship….”frustrated”.  Another comparison….some humans organs fail them throughout the process of life, just like some of our cars components go bad after a few years.  With all of the recent technology being introduced to us in the automotive field, cars that can tell the mood of the driver from special sensors placed in the steering wheel to cars that wink at each other with special headlights that a Japanese Manufacturer is introducing to us, so should cars be able to have relationships and get married also?

I do have to say my boyfriend now is the best decision I have ever made when it comes to buying a car or acquiring a boyfriend.  His exterior and interior are awesome he comes fully loaded with all the luxury accessories, and when you bathe him his exterior coat/skin really shines, I swear he almost has that new car smell about him.  Most importantly his resale value will always remain the highest in my book!  The question is, should I consider him a classic or not…he is over the age of 25!
It is very interesting to me that when a car passes away we take it to the junk”yard” and when a human passes away we take it to a grave”yard”…who knew that these two words would be so similar?  So to make the questionable comparison…Are humans comparably similar to cars?  Both need love, attention and insurance, food or a good diet for humans (we don’t run well on junk food) can be considered gas for cars and a fresh oil change every 3000 miles.  My favorite analogy:  Autos needing a good tune-up once a year could be considered an annual vacation once for us humans!

Barbara Terry

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